4 Proven Ways to Make and Improve Lead Generation Marketing Simply and Effectively Now!

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The largest segment in online advertising is online lead generation. Lead generation is growing twice as fast as the online advertising market and was valued at over $1.4 billion per year. It is not surprising? Today’s marketers are focusing on campaigns that can give them the highest ROI.

However, lead generation marketing is not capturing the ROI that customers want to see. So now everything is heading towards strict search engine marketing.

A major inability to bridge the gaps between half-empty promises and claims led to many problems when setting up marketing campaigns. Follow-up linked to poor reporting is a major contributor. Now that you include the sellers and managed to catch the shrugs from the FTC.

The white paper “4 Ways Lead Generation Can Be Made Simple and Effective Now” offers lead generation marketers practical advice from industry leaders on steps they can take now to address the problems listed above to get the most out of your lead generation marketing.

The most common problems that lead generation marketers face are

1. Long, shot campaign setups

2. Disparate Lead Data Formats

3. Inefficient reporting and follow-up

4. Lack of collected campaign information

Let’s take a brief look at each of these issues which are covered in more detail in the white paper.

Long shot campaign setups

Have you ever tried or successfully set up a campaign on Google? Even a person with limited technical skills (which includes 90% of us) can do it. It’s quite simple, and it’s exciting to see how your efforts will generate profitable ROI with our extra effort and time.

Now compare that to what publishers and advertisers have to go through when setting up lead generation campaigns.

Leads generated on a website need to be passed on to the customer. Where there is no common standard, standards for delivering lead data to the marketplace. While some advertisers want lead data to be sent via email, others prefer faxes, while still others prefer to send it by mail.

As a result, marketers must set up each lead generation campaign from scratch. This process consumes many valuable man hours. This is time consuming and for the seller and the advertiser who is waiting for the results. (KING)

At first everything is just trial and error. There is no perfect answer to any marketing. Simple demographic data drastically changes the way each campaign is approached. Now, in shoddy efforts, we get disparate lead data formats. A page of one paragraph with the client’s request; this is cool right? Mistaken!

Disparate Lead Data Formats

We have general information that the client sent. We still don’t know what we’re getting ourselves into before we make the call. If you’re like me, you’re reluctant to divulge all your information in any way.

For example, if I’m advertising Annuities and the form asks how much money you have. The typical answer we get is 5,000.

Actually, when we call and set up the appointment, we find out that they usually have an average of 50-100k to invest.

People don’t want others to know their information! Especially today, it seems like there’s a thief lurking around every corner!

Now we have to shift our focus to that track. Now we have to get different products and quotes.

It is because the industry in general has lost the trust of our customers!

In the course of a parent campaign, a marketer collects user data and sends it to the advertiser. The end customer usually submits their information via a form containing data fields on the publisher’s website.

Insufficient customer reporting and follow-ups

Gathering lead data is time consuming, and advertisers and customers often don’t find they have the time to act on it. It is strongly recommended that advertisers follow up with leads within 24 hours through some form of personal contact.

Marketers and agencies often spend so much time compiling reports and collecting leads that they are unable to optimize campaigns and track collected leads in a timely manner. Therefore, it often discourages customer confidence in the advertiser’s services or products.

Now getting real-time reporting and lead delivery to your account, call center or telemarketer will help advertisers achieve superior campaign ROI.

Lack of campaign information collected

The super annoying avatar and smiley faces thrown at you show a lot of what is wrong with this industry.

With so much revenue to be had in everyone’s eyes, many less than worthy vendors have entered this industry with nothing more than dollar signs in their eyes. Typically, these vendors don’t care what happens after the lead is submitted, except whether or not they were paid. They usually don’t show much concern about where the ads are placed and how they are obtained.

These typical lead generation companies are not doing you justice and are definitely not giving you the ROI you need to succeed and grow in this industry.

Do you want to change your ROI?

What are you doing about it?

We shall and must fight!

Advertisers are often unsure where their ads will ultimately appear. End consumers are inundated with a deluge of ad technology offers that often threaten their privacy. The industry’s reputation has received so much attention that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is now taking an in-depth look at the state of the lead generation industry.

The enormous lack of transparency of the campaigns is hurting advertisers and consumers. It also damages the credibility of the publisher, the advertiser, and the reputation of the industry in general.

While the problems and solutions are examined over and over again, the underlying problems are emphasized in advertising platforms that are open and transparent. We are making an effort to change that.

Let’s get up together.

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