A Screwpull Wine Opener – The Houdini Wine Opener Review

June 11, 2021 0 Comments

Are you ready for a screw-on wine opener? Like the venerable “mousetrap,” there is always someone trying to make a better one, and Metrokane has a winner with their Houdini wine opener. Also known as a lever opener, the Houdini model wine bottle opener makes the task so easy that even a “caveman” can do it. The Metrokane name gained recognition among wine enthusiasts with its famous Rabbit lever model, and they have now followed it up with their least expensive model: the Houdini.

Like its more expensive older brother, the Rabbit, the Houdini wine opener uses a pair of grab handles to hold the wine bottle and a lever action to impale the wine cork out of the bottle. It does this safely by simply pulling and pushing the lever. You no longer have to struggle to center the corkscrew tip or twist and pull to remove the cork. And much less chance of the wine spilling.

To use the Houdini, simply use the included wine foil cutter to remove the foil. Then place the Houdini over the neck of the wine bottle and grasp the “rabbit ear” handles to hold the bottle. Pull the lever down and insert a Teflon-coated corkscrew into the cork, then push the lever back to its starting position and pull the cork out of the bottle. Much easier than twisting and pulling a traditional T-handle corkscrew and even easier than the twisting and prying method of a bartender’s corkscrew. To retrieve the cork, simply pull the lever to expose it and remove it from the corkscrew worm.

Just because it’s less expensive than the Rabbit doesn’t mean the Houdini screw-in wine opener is “cheap.” Manufactured to the same high standards as all Metrokane wine accessory products, the Houdini has a 5-break guarantee. All Houdini openers include a handy acrylic storage tray that also contains the additional wine tools that come with it. They include a “twist” wine paper cutter and an additional spiral corkscrew worm. There are several models of wine gift sets that include up to 6 additional wine accessories such as; a wine drip ring, a wax pusher, a wine bottle cap / sealer, and an aluminum foil cutter. All Houdini wine opener sets come in attractive gift boxes that double as a storage box. The Houdini is available in the colors of; matt black and silver, glossy black and silver, metallic red, metallic blue and caramel red.

The Houdini retails for $ 39.99 to $ 59.99, (depending on accessories and games), but no one has to pay retail. You can expect to find the basic Houdini model with aluminum foil cutter and additional worm for $ 18 – $ 25, and the various wine opener gift sets for $ 25 – $ 39. A threaded wine opener set as The Houdini would make an excellent gift for any wine lover (even yourself), and with the reliability of a Metrokane wine opener, backed by a 5-year warranty, you can be sure it will make a gift. appreciated every time it is used for years to come.

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