Computer profession in astrology career

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Astrology is undoubtedly a Vedic science by which a person can get a clear picture of his life if the analysis and calculations are taken into consideration in the right way. The precise odds of employment are calculated by an efficient astrologer by carefully observing the horoscope.

Factors responsible for the computing profession

Ascendant: general physical and mental abilities of the native

2nd house: significator of higher education, communication and speech

3rd house: communication and transmission at a distance

5th house: intelligence and competence

7th house: business and service sector

10th house: main significator of the native’s profession and livelihood

11th house: income

Rahu [dragon head]: signifier of electronics

Mercury: significator of calculations, accounting, statistics and mathematics

Venus: learning, expert mathematician,

Saturn: means machinery

Jupiter: highly educated, erudite, and ambitious

Different combination for computer profession.

ยท Jupiter in trine/quadrant, Venus is powerful and Mercury in the 2nd, the native will definitely opt for the computer profession

Jupiter in trine/quadrant, either Venus or Mercury exalted, the native will select the computing line as a profession

Mars is postulated in 2nd and is aspected by benefic planets or Mars and moon combined in 2nd, the native will get a job in the computer field.

Rahu in second place, indicates computer education

Jupiter is powerful and influences the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 10th houses

Mercury and Venus related in a healthy way

Bill Gates Horoscope [28/10/1955]

Ascendant –Gemini; Jupiter — 3rd house; Mars and Mercury –4th; Sun, Venus and Saturn — 5th; Rahu– 6th; Moon–10; Ketu–12.

Lord of Mercury Ascendant is exalted and aspecting 10,

Jupiter as the 7th lord is aspecting the 7th

lord of the ninth [fate] Saturn is exalted and associated with Venus. [the lord of 5th, indicates intellect and basic education] and Sun [the lord of 3rd, indicates communication and transmission].

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