Creative workers and cool t-shirt designs

May 27, 2023 0 Comments

If you work in a stricter field like finance or business administration, it’s common to see people have to wear much more professional suits and attire. In more creative fields, like graphic design and advertising, people will wear t-shirts with cooler designs. While this was not always the case, in recent times it is much more common and is no longer viewed in such a negative light. Since they are part of the creative process, it is only natural that what they were would be equally creative.

Just ten or fifteen years ago, people in the creative industry were required to follow a stricter dress code of wearing a suit and tie. However, this form did not show your creativity well to your customers. The creativity was more visual when customers saw designers or people from those fields wearing cool designed t-shirts that generally tended to be more casual. Instead of making the customer dissatisfied, he actually made him happy to work with the company knowing that his stuff would not end up bland but rather modern and trendy. The process was gradual, but over time it became more and more acceptable to see the company’s creative employees, such as artists, designers, and writers, dress more casually with fresher designs on clothing.

Nowadays, it is common to go to a creative office, such as a web company or advertising company, and see people wearing cool designed t-shirts expressing their ideas freely. While a suit might look nice, it’s now mostly for those in more financial and political fields where they have a different style to maintain.

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