Grandparents, are you making this number one mistake raising grandchildren?

May 31, 2021 0 Comments

Grandparent tip for you, avoid poisoning your grandchild. Keep your grandchild safe and sound. Do you want your grandchild to be diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder)? Do you want your grandson to receive medicine before the age of 6? This happened to my nephew!

I see that children suffer the same fate regularly. In fact, I read that one in five American children takes ADD medication. I’m sure you don’t want your grandson to become one of those statistics.

Disclaimer: The information presented is informational only. Consult with your baby’s physician before using any of the techniques in this document. All content in this publication is based on research. It is for educational purposes only. It is intended to share the knowledge and information of the author’s research and experience. The author makes no guarantees of any form.

From the first month to the eleventh month, parents and grandparents do everything possible to protect the health of the baby and keep it safe. So why is it that on the baby’s first birthday, poisoning begins?

You go out and buy or make the “birthday cake” and of course you have to add the ice cream. What is cake without ice cream? I know it’s tradition, but you may not realize how dangerous these two products really are.

First of all, they are loaded with sugar. Sugar has been classified as pure poison. It has no nutritional value and wreaks havoc on the body. Juvenile type 2 diabetes is on the rise, not to mention obesity. I just saw an article where an insurance company refused to insure a four-month-old baby because he was too fat. There have also been many warnings in the news about sugar and its dangers.

Kids are getting addicted to sugar, when does it all start? I blame the big first birthday party.

They must have told you a thousand times that sugar causes cavities. However, that is not all that sugar causes to rot. Read the book “Sugar Blues” by William Dufty for the facts or simply search for the danger of sugar in your favorite search tool for studies and reports.

As for ice cream, visit – for information that will make your hair frizz. Milk has been suggested to cause autism and ADD according to research by three scientists.

Ice cream is milk plus sugar (not to mention the abundance of chemicals). Please don’t make your grandson start with this. My friend regularly gives her two-year-old a bowl of ice cream and then wonders why her son is always sick or has earaches. Go figure.

In addition, sugar causes the suppression of the immune system for at least five hours. Therefore, the body cannot fight infections effectively. If your grandson gets sick every time you turn around (like my friend’s daughter), look at what you are feeding your grandson and take note of the sugar content. Fresh fruits and vegetables do not create this problem.

What to do instead. Have the cake and ice cream, but let the grown-ups enjoy. Create something healthy and cute for baby to enjoy and for those birthday party photos we all love to take.

Be very careful about what you feed and drink to your grandchild. Take note of what is happening right now regarding the changes in what is served in the school cafeterias.

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