How to choose a London flat or a student house for international students

July 17, 2023 0 Comments

“Students studying in the UK do not know whether to choose a student accommodation London or a school dormitory. Xiaoju will make a simple comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the two accommodation methods for you. After reading it, it is not too late to choose according to the actual situation.
1. School dormitory
There are generally two types of dormitories provided by the school, one is managed by the school itself, and the other is in cooperation with commercial apartments. Divided into three Standard, En-suite and Studio.

Standard is usually a standard room with public bathroom and kitchen. There are only basic furniture and facilities in the room. The number of bathrooms is equipped according to the number of rooms. Generally, there will be one bathroom for less than three rooms, and two bathrooms for four to seven rooms. Studio is usually a room type with an independent bathroom and kitchen, and En-suite is a room type with an independent bathroom and a shared kitchen.

The cost of a dormitory in the UK is the same as your own student accommodation. The rent is calculated on a weekly basis. Depending on the type of room, the cost of a dormitory in the UK is about tens of pounds to 200 pounds per week.

Advantages; The biggest advantage of the school dormitory is that it has relatively high security. Generally, there are access control, front desk and monitoring, and personal safety is guaranteed. In addition, the accommodation fee includes the cost of water, electricity and electricity, and the furniture is relatively complete. In addition, the school dormitory can also touch Students with different cultural backgrounds will have a lively life.

Disadvantages; Some dormitories or room types are more expensive, and the number of dormitories is relatively small, and it is basically all about grabbing. In addition, personal living habits will be different, so it will test your character and the ability to get along with roommates.

2. student accommodations abroad
The cost of student accommodation in London outside the cost will vary greatly depending on the region and the selected room type. For example, the rent in the London area can basically reach 1.5 times the average level in the UK, which costs about 100-300 pounds per week.

Advantages; The biggest advantage of student accommodations abroad is that they have a high degree of choice. They are more flexible in terms of price, location, and roommate selection, and the price of shared renting is even cheaper than living on campus.

Living in proximity to campus is another advantage of quality student accommodation. Reduced travel time means students can optimize their schedules and utilize their time more effectively. They can attend classes, engage in extracurricular activities, and access campus resources without the burden of long commutes. This proximity not only enhances academic performance but also encourages greater involvement in campus life, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

The disadvantage is that you need to pay extra for water and electricity. In addition, if the landlord is not good at checking out, he will find various reasons to withhold the deposit.”

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