How to choose the right ID card printer for your needs?

June 30, 2021 0 Comments

Getting the right ID card printer for you is a lot more critical than you might think. Having an ID card printer is an absolute must, especially if you run a business of some kind. Eliminate the middle man and you can print your cards. This becomes more essential when you have a large business.

If your company is a decent size, chances are you have multiple employees. Now, keeping track of employees and their activities can be tricky. But if you have an ID printer at their disposal, you can give them cards, which will help you track their jobs more effectively.

Also, an ID card may look different than you expected. In these cases, you typically end up wasting a lot of money to get the perfect ID cards. Having an ID card printer allows you to verify different designs before finalizing one, not to mention saving a ton of expense in the end.

Buying guide to get the right ID card printer

Having decided to purchase an ID card printer, you are faced with a more difficult question: how do you choose the right ID card printer for your needs?

There are numerous printers available on the market, but not all will work for you. Below are some of the factors that can act as the perfect buying guide in choosing the right ID printer for you.

  • Monochrome or color

You will most likely need color identification cards, just like most businesses and organizations. However, it is essential to check whether your ID card printer supports color printing or not. Most models have this as the default criteria, so you can run into problems if you get a printer that prints in monochrome, while you need color.

  • One or two faces

This is more of a limited budget. There are ID cards that need to be printed on the back and some do not. Similarly, some printers can print on one side only and some can print on two sides simultaneously. The price of the printers varies according to this function. If you’re on a tight budget, you can grab a single-sided printer and flip the card over to print on both sides.

  • Ticket type

Some printers have a manual entry system, which means that you must insert the card manually. While there are printers with automatic input. You can get the one that suits your preferences and budget.

  • Coding

Some ID cards must have coding strips such as a barcode or magnetic stripe. If you have any such needs, check that your printer software supports this feature.

  • Edge to edge printing

Not all ID card printers can print edge to edge. Therefore, check the printer for this feature before purchasing.

  • Card size

Different types of ID cards come in different sizes. So make sure the printer can work with the sizes you need for your ID cards.

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