How to choose the right window blind

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How to choose the right blind

Introduction to the types of blind …

The following information is everything you need to know to buy the perfect blinds and quickly learn everything there is to know from the comfort of your home.

There are many factors that should influence the type of blind you choose. You need to consider how well the blinds will complement your furniture and how they will complement the building materials used in your home, office, or other property. Having a consistent design style is important, but there are certain exceptions to this rule, including play areas and children’s bedrooms. You may also consider maintaining a consistent style from the view outside your property.

But most importantly, the design and style are highly dependent on the individual.

Choose the blinds that best suit your own tastes.

Blind Terminology …

Like many industries, the window covering industry has certain terminology that you may not immediately understand. When it comes to blinds, there are many different types of blinds, but the most popular ones can be classified into 3 different types;

1. Venetian blinds

2. Roller blinds

3. Roman blinds

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are available in three different materials,

1. Aluminum (also known as mini blinds),

2. Wood

3. Eco-friendly wood (also known as synthetic wood, eco-wood, or PVC blinds).

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Aluminum Venetian blinds are often used in kitchens and bathrooms and in commercial offices. Almost always Aluminum Venetian Blinds and is sold with 25 mm slats. This is due to the flexible nature of the aluminum slat. Aluminum Venetian blinds are sometimes referred to as mini blinds.

Aluminum Venetian blinds are a very inexpensive way to cover a window, and while the common colors are white and silver, they can be found in a variety of colors to match the interior of your home or office.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are a very elegant way to cover your windows and dress up the interior of your home. They are generally sold with 50mm slats, but are also available in 25mm slats. Other slat size options can be found, but are not commonly used.

Most wood blinds are made from a very lightweight wood called linden, but they can also be found in a variety of oriental hardwoods and bamboo. Basswood is the ideal material due to its robustness: it deforms less than other woods over time. Wooden venetian blinds are a perfect choice for large windows and are suitable for most windows in the home. The only area to avoid is places where there is moisture in the air, such as bathrooms. The most common wood type colors are light woods, for example cedar, medium-colored woods like cherry, and darker woods like mahogany. Wooden Venetian blinds are also often sold in white.

Ecowood Venetian Blinds

Ecowood Venetian Blinds are becoming a very popular choice and are made from composite materials, usually PVC or plastic, but may include some wood. They are very popular because they are durable and easy to clean and will not warp or discolor over time like wood. They are especially good for areas that may be exposed to moisture, as they do not warp easily. The most common color for Ecowood Venetian Blinds is white.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are window coverings that can be opened by rolling the blinds onto a cylinder that runs over a window. The roller blinds are made of 100% polyester material. Roller blinds generally come in two variants, sunscreen and sunscreen. Sunscreen roller blinds allow a certain degree of light to enter through the fabric into the room, and Blockout, as the name suggests, blocks out all the sun and glare.

Roller blinds are also very inexpensive and therefore have been popular for years. A wide range of colors is available and the simple rolling mechanism of the roller blinds means that they can last for many years without showing any signs of degradation.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are window coverings that are operated by rolling shutter sections up in a stack. Roman blinds offer a softer feel in your home and are the type of blind that can often blend well with other furniture. Various types of fabrics can be used in the manufacture of Roman Blinds, but usually Polyester, Linen or Cotton fabrics are used. Roman blinds also usually come in two variants, sunscreen and blocking. Sunscreen blinds allow a certain degree of light to pass through the fabric into the room and Blockout, as the name suggests Blockout all sun and glare.

Roman blinds offer an attractive alternative to traditional blinds and are suitable for living environments. They can be easily removed from the top rail for cleaning. Roman blinds are available in a variety of elegant patterns and designs.

Which blind for which room? …

A number of more practical factors are also worth considering when looking at blinds for different types of rooms. Some of these are listed below …

Living room / sitting areas:

For rooms that get a lot of natural light, sunscreen roller shades are a good option. They allow you to maintain your privacy during the day while giving you a modern and elegant look. Likewise, Roman Blinds are a good option.

Kitchen room:

Windows next to a sink should be easy to clean and free from water damage. It is for this reason that aluminum venetian blinds and Ecowood venetian blinds are a better option than wooden venetian blinds. Sunscreen roller shades and standard roller shade fabrics are also easy to clean and are used quite often in kitchen areas.


Blockout Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds are the most popular bedroom options for total privacy and to block out all light.


Moisture in the air should not normally affect the quality of window blinds, but prolonged humidity can start to affect blinds after a period of time. If your blinds are likely to receive direct water pressure, aluminum Venetian blinds or Ecowood Venetian blinds are the best option. No polyester based roller blind fabric is recommended and neither is Wooden Venetian as the wood is likely to warp. Most wood blinds are treated with a coating to resist water, but will eventually break when in continuous contact with moisture.

Nursery / Playrooms / Bedrooms for children:

Safety is the most important factor here. Your blinds must come with safety chain guides. It is imperative that they are used. It’s also important to make sure the chain guides are well away from cribs, beds, and other furniture. Keeping the room dark is often a goal for children’s bedrooms. Blockout roller blinds are best suited for this.

Decoration tips by type of window …

Sliding doors:

For sliding doors, roller blinds are usually the best option, as they roll tightly at the top and take up less space than other types of blinds. With Venetian blinds and Roman blinds, the slats or fabric can take up an additional 200mm when rolled to the top; this will take up valuable hallway space or mean you will have to install the blinds well above the top of the slide. doors.

It is also essential to ensure that the door handles do not obstruct the movement of the blinds. Roller blinds can be rolled back away from the handle to avoid any obstruction.

When placing it on the face of the door, any product would be suitable, just remember to add around 200mm in the drop measurement so that when the blind is rolled up it is out of the way of the door area.

French doors:

With French doors it is recommended that you use the same products as those already on the windows in that room, this will keep their appearance consistent.

Another thing to consider, when ordering blinds that will cover a door, is the location of the tilt control and the elevation control. You will want to have the blinds controls on the hinge side and not on the handle. They can get in the way and become a nuisance if they are close to the door handle when you try to get in and out, they are less likely to get in the way of the hinge.

Windows with a nice view:

When you have a window with a good view, it is recommended that you install a roller blind with sun protection. This product will ensure that you can continue to enjoy the view.

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