How to make a previous relationship feel new again

June 30, 2021 0 Comments

The duration of a “beautiful relationship” is “respect and honor.” The length of a “marriage” is to “put Jesus first” and love, respect, honor, romance, and a blessed life will follow. Love can come back to life only if you want it to. You can put a little work into it and make the smell of roses fill the air of emptiness and the presence of laughter fill the heart with love.

How do you rate your “Relationship and marriage”? Ask yourself this question, is it about me or about us? Are they growing on each other, instead of growing on each other? Are you telling yourself that I no longer feel that butterfly in my stomach that used to make me feel like I couldn’t live or breathe without him or her? Or maybe you don’t feel like the other party is attractive like they used to be. Or could it be that the time you spend in bed no longer feels the same? Well, I have good news for all of you.

Begin to learn to appreciate each other. Have proactive communication, hold hands when you go for a walk or when you sit down. Validate each other with your words, date nights just the two of you, so the attraction keeps flowing. Choose days to do things you enjoy with the children, let everyone eat at the table so you can talk about life. Get back on the memory lane and talk about the usefulness of making you both so happy. Dancing with each other brings romance to the relationship. Invite romance to cook, it’s healthy for both of you. Let the children see that they love and value each other, and when they grow up they will do the same. Touching often keeps feelings alive. Little things matter in your relationship.

Ladies listen to me and listen to me well. STOP acting too holy and please your man, satisfy his physical needs; because if not, someone else will. Make your man feel loved, valued and appreciated; make you want to go home and find the treasure you have at home. Give him a love note every now and then in his shirt or pants pocket. Or text him and let him know how much you love and appreciate him. You could also tuck a pair of underwear into her work bag, so when she opens it at the office or where she works, I put on a big smile thinking that she still loves me. Leave a little note with her to let her know what you have planned for when you get home. Men make your lady feel safe and validate her, satisfying her emotional needs while she satisfies your physical needs. Women are very emotional and the love for these needs must be satisfied. If you know her emotionally, I promise that she will have no problem physically satisfying your needs, and everything else will just fall into place.

Live life to the fullest, enjoy the moments together. Love like there’s no tomorrow, laugh out loud with each other. Life is beautiful, enjoy it while you can. Never take each other for granted and ask God to heal your wounds. I hope this article helps you see your partner beyond their scars, and best of all learn to love each other through the eyes of Jesus Christ. “SMILE”

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