Ingenious interactive cat toys that your cat or kitten will love

September 25, 2021 0 Comments

Every dedicated cat owner has a range of interactive cat toys at their disposal. All cats get very excited about these, and they are a great way to bond with your cat and have great fun times with them.

The good news is that there are many different cat toys that you can choose from. So whatever your cat loves to play with, you are sure to find something to fall in love with.

Hide and Search Boxes

Most cats love to hide in boxes and you can buy some that are specifically designed to be even more entertaining.

They are designed with many large holes in them, so your cat can hit his favorite ball inside of them and look inside the holes to find it. They are great entertainment to watch, so make sure you have a camera handy!

Soft and fluffy balls

Yes, these are a great resource for many cat owners when looking for interactive cat toys for their pets. The reason for this is that cats tend to play with them so much that they lose them.

Multipacks are ideal for this purpose, so whenever a soft ball gets out of reach under a closet or some other unreachable location, your cat still has plenty to play with.

Laser pointers

This is a simple idea that allows you to control your cat or kitten’s playtime. The idea is that you turn it on and direct a beam of light towards the wall or the floor. Your cat can stalk and chase it as much as it wants, but it will never be caught!

This is a lot of fun and a lot of fun for you, as well as bringing plenty of exercise a day for your cat. This is good for indoor cats that don’t go outside at all, but all cats will appreciate this particular interactive cat toy for sure. The pointer completely catches them and they love to chase it, even if they never catch it!

Look for new interactive cat toys that your own cat will love

There are certain toys, like those mentioned above, that will always be on the market. But new ideas and creations are thrown in all the time and are worth looking for. One of them might be great for your cat or kitten, and the kind of interactive cat toy they’ll love.

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