Kanye West at the Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie

November 8, 2019 0 Comments

Once again, Kanye West proves his worth in an incredible show at the Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie. Her performance is another display of how you can make a name for yourself by performing to a large crowd and earning respect.

Kanye West is on cloud nine right now as his late-record CD has sold over 860,000 copies on its debut. But there is more to the story about respecting Kanye West.

Kanye made Fantasia Barrino (the latest American Idol winner) open up for his concert, but she ended up not performing. Kanye, being a man of respect and honor, offered refunds to his fans, but there were almost no buyers. You see, once again, Kanye West shows his power and shows the respect he inspires in Kanye fans.

My man is back, proving that no man of action, especially Kanye, can sit back without changing. The new website is coming soon. We are totally excited and can’t wait for Kanye to launch this fantastic new joint.

Meanwhile, he has two dope links to either of his fire blitz joints: Gold Digger and Diamonds. Great melodies, fully expressing the need for Kanye West as president.

Kanye, keep up with the change. Just as the pioneers move west, so does Kanye. In fact, he will show the American public that he is the only option for the president of the United States. But what about Robert Pattinson? Now if only Kanye would take a minute and confess his love for the Twilight saga.

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