Make life colorful and designed with the Kenzzi tile collection

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New trends are welcomed with new fashions and old fashions are renewed with old trends. Ceramic tiles are decorated on the walls of Mediterranean villas and European monasteries in the 12th century. However, these types of tiles are available in the markets. Kennzi tile collections are decorated in hotels, spas, terraces and restaurants. It even becomes a decorative element in the home.

Ceramic tiles occupy the iconic place in design history and rotate with change from time to time. Onlookers are drawn to the elegant appearance of the kenzzi collection and are reminded of the charming old walls.

History of encaustic tiles:

The ancient Greek word encaustic means to heat or burn. This type of tile is made from two-pigment clay and heated at a moderate temperature. Today, the term encaustic is used to represent geometric patterns, symbols, and florals.

The latest version of the kenzzi collection brings rooms from vintage looks to haute couture with elegance. The kenzzi collection has multi-faceted features of six patterns with a glossy finish.

Design pattern:

The pattern of the kenzzi collections starts from a convoluted design to a simple design with a sleek and modern look in the kitchen, even the best for bathroom design.

Simple design starts from Metrica to complex Paloma design. It also has simple flower designs like La Fleur with an aesthetic look. Pattern designs include Dekora, Mixana, Anya, Brina, and Leira.

Black and white pattern that breaks the concepts of a single color:

The achromatic space will be transformed into the immersion of color and pattern in the way that is most attractive. The Domino Subway combo tile has a simple, classic and eye-catching design. The pattern tiles give an authentic look to the room and a unique setting. Paloma or Mixana tiles are used as a border around the edges of the room that add a graphic touch to the design.

Patchwork design:

The imaginative mosaic design appeals to all who pass by in the hallway. The design is mixed with a mix of solid and patterned tiles. The pattern tiles will be arranged as a corridor that will give the road a look of dimension. Color schemes are also introduced to make a living space more characterful and unique. Kenzzi tiles added on the floor or wall to give a transitional look to the hallway.

Cover the blue and green design:

The entrance always gives more work and tedious space that is expected to be clean at least once. The other venues are expected to be cool, lively, and loved spaces compared to entrances and lobbies. Let’s turn the look of boring into an adorable space with encaustic tile. The Kenzzi is specially designed for wet areas and the best tile ideal for home use. The pedestrian traffic areas will be designed with Kenzzi collections with low maintenance costs.

Kenzzi Dekora:

Kenzzi Dekora slowed down a charm and brought a lively feel to the bathtub. The brush work ends and he begins to create a wall with Kenzzi Dekora. The ordinary look of a room becomes creative and steals the show in front of everyone with encaustic tiles. The wet area is prepared for all age groups is an additional advantage of Kenzzi Dekora.

Splash guard with soft gray and white:

The soft gray will give a feeling of calm and the white marble enhances the appearance of the design. The backsplash features an encaustic design with white marble on top of the tile. The high design gives a conservative atmosphere and avoids overwhelming a space. Moroccan-style backsplash tiles take us back to old design trends.

Kenzzi tiles provide huge and spacious design patterns for every room. The one-tone design of the old trends comes to an end and says goodbye to the unique design. Enjoy the beauty of multi-pattern tiles with the kenzzi collections.

Kenzzi tiles are available in floral, symbol, geometric and many other colors. The main advantage of kenzzi tiles is that they require less maintenance after they are installed in a home. Kenzzi tiles are suitable for floors, walls and backsplashes. We can get a special look from the kenzzi tiles among the subway tiles.

Kenzzi tiles satisfy the customer’s need with traditional, contemporary and modern trends.

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