Maui Fire Lawyers Investigating the Cause of a Fire

September 5, 2023 0 Comments

the Cause of a Fire

When people are facing the loss of their homes, lives and businesses after a fire, they turn to their insurance to help them rebuild and start over. However, many victims find themselves in a vicious cycle of fighting with their insurer to get the benefits they deserve. A Maui fire lawyer can help them fight for their full insurance benefits.

Maui fire lawyers is still grappling with the aftermath of the deadliest wildfire in US history, which claimed 96 lives. As the state investigates the cause of the disaster, fingers are pointing at Hawaii Electric and other companies for failing to properly power down its equipment as the storm moved in with high winds. The company says that it did shut down power lines in high-risk areas but that the blazes were started by other causes, such as illegal camping and the accumulation of dry, flammable non-native vegetation.

Plaintiff law firms dispatch representatives to areas hit by wildfires to sign up clients for class action lawsuits against government agencies, private corporations and other large entities. The firms that are currently working in Maui include those that helped land a $US13.5 billion settlement for fire victims in California after PG&E’s equipment sparked the country’s deadliest wildfires.

Maui Fire Lawyers Investigating the Cause of a Fire

One of the attorneys leading those efforts in Maui is Mikal Watts, a partner with the firm Watts Guerra. He said he and the other attorneys on his team have interviewed witnesses, reviewed video footage of the blazes and examined the damage to utility infrastructure. He alleged that all evidence indicates that Hawaiian Electric’s power equipment is the source of ignition for the Maui fires.

wildfire lawyer

The attorneys are also seeking to interview officials at the Public Utilities Commission and the utilities department of the state of Hawaii. The claim is that those agencies should have pushed for the electric company to implement a power-shut down protocol when forecasts indicated ideal fire conditions.

A former member of the Commission said she believes it was “unconscionable” for Maui Electric to not do so and that it should have acted sooner when the weather report warned of the potential for hurricane-force winds.

Some residents are suing the company for not providing sufficient advance warning of the threat posed by the fires, and the lack of a well-functioning early-warning system that could have prevented the destruction of homes and other structures. Other residents are suing the company for allegedly refusing to pay their fire or property insurance benefits. The attorneys who specialize in these claims say they can help clients fight for their right to receive the benefits they are entitled to under their policies. They can also assist clients in filing claims against the insurance companies that deny or delay paying those benefits.

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