MTX Jackhammer, the LARGEST subwoofer known to man

March 26, 2023 0 Comments

How big do you think the largest automotive subwoofer ever made is? How about 22″ wide, and… take this… 369 pounds! The sound this thing makes is a bone chatter, a teeth chatter, and a heartbeat! Everyone on your block will hear you coming a mile away. This is what MTX says about it:

“Designed from the ground up to be the largest subwoofer ever, JackHammer incorporates radical new technologies. It’s even manufactured in MTX’s custom facility with a magnetizer built just for this woofer, a magnetizer that wipes out any credit card it dares.” to enter in 25 minutes JackHammer is the biggest, baddest, boldest subwoofer… ever!

Billed as the subwoofer “other woofers have nightmares about,” the MTX JackHammer is a 2-foot-tall, 369-pound behemoth that makes you proud to be an American. This 22″ subwoofer handles 5,000 watts RMS (up to 10,000 watts peak), and features a 900-ounce magnet (that’s just over 56 pounds) and a 6.5″ voice coil. The JackHammer is set up for high SPL (sound pressure level), but you can purchase a replacement cone assembly that allows you to quickly switch to sound quality performance (and you don’t have to remove the speaker from your cabinet to make the switch). ). ). There was a constant crowd around this woofer throughout the show, their mouths hanging open, watching in amazement as the woofer’s cone moved in and out. Sometimes excess is a good thing!

The MTX Jackhammer is often used in sound pressure level competitions where the only goal is overall volume. In fact, a jackhammer is capable of producing sound pressure levels high enough that hearing protection is often worn by those nearby. The jackhammer can create sound pressure levels high enough to easily damage human hearing. It has been measured at over 150 decibels, which is 30 decibels more than a plane taking off. The jackhammer draws far more power than the average car electrical system can provide, adding to its impracticality. It usually requires multiple powerful bridged amps to drive it, and high-quality cables are needed to carry power to the speaker. Several large capacitors are also generally used. About four lead automotive batteries are required to power the amplifiers. Between the subwoofer and everything needed to power it, the system weighs over 500 pounds (230 kg).

From the Consumer Electronics Show Business Week report: “Modified cars are a growing phenomenon, thanks in part to pimp my ride. The popular MTV reality show gives twenty-somethings a makeover for their old beaters, getting up to $30,000 worth of new supersonic AV gear on gear worth less than $1,000. So it’s no surprise that a star of the show, Mad Mike, is signing autographs at the booth for MTX Audio, which makes car speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers.

Mike is helping MTX power their JackHammer subwoofer, a throbbing 369-pound, 22-inch-tall hunk of sonic goodness. recent one pimp my ride The episode featured Mike and his crew putting the JackHammer on a 1986 Buick Regal. The crew added a caution flasher to the car’s center panel that reads “Warning: Ridiculous Bass” whenever the stereo plays.

So does anyone really need that much bass? “Absolutely,” says the always diligent MTX spokesperson, Hilary Moore. “Everybody needs a Jack Hammer.” Since the $7,500 unit pumps out the equivalent of a dozen 12-inch subwoofers, Moore rationalizes that the JackHammer actually saves space.

The Jackhammer is actually the name of a line of MTX subwoofers in common sizes, such as 10-, 12-, and 15-inch, as well as the 22-inch “monster.” However, while smaller models may be more common, MTX Jackhamer generally refers to the 22-inch model. To avoid confusion, “The Jackhammer” is often used to refer to the 22-inch model. So, are you looking for something a little more…uh…reasonable? Maybe a bit more practical? The MTX Jackhammer line includes a variety of high-quality speakers for your car. The MTX product line is second to none.

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