Rules for organizing your workspace

May 15, 2023 0 Comments

These four simple tips will help you make the most of your office workspace. Being more organized and working in an environment you enjoy allows you to be more efficient and ultimately more productive at work.

  1. First think, then organize. People put off organizing because they don’t know where to start or because they haven’t thought about why their office isn’t “working” for them. Take some time to think about why your space isn’t as effective as it could be. Need more storage, a bigger desk, or better lighting? Imagine what your ideal office would be like and move towards that image.
  2. Don’t let personal items take over the workspace. Offices don’t have to be sterile environments, but personal belongings can often take up so much space that there isn’t enough room to work anymore. Use wall shelves, architectural mantels, and small tables to display photos and memorabilia, so you have room on your desk for work tools.
  3. Keep your space at 80% capacity. Paper, books, folders, and the like will still be coming into your office, so make sure you have room for incoming items. Your goal when organizing should be to have your space only 80% full at all times. As you continually collect more stuff, you need to unload paper, files, etc., to stay at 80% or increase your storage space. Those are the only two options!
  4. Create a system for you. Magazines and catalogs are great for inspiration and ideas, but the organization systems were created for the sole purpose of photographing them or are in offices where they knew the photographer would come. Don’t get caught up in how things “should” look or work. Create solutions that work with your work style, needs, habits, and preferences.

Organizing is a process, not an event. By taking the time to think before you organize, you’ve greatly increased the chances that the organized space you’ve created will stay that way.

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