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Texas Podcasts

The Inside Texas podcast is a weekly show that covers events around the state. It’s hosted by Dr. Stephen Souris, Chief Communications Officer at UNT System, and features interviews with a variety of authors and poets. It’s a great way to learn about the state’s culture and traditions. Listeners will also get to know the people who are making Texas history, and discover how they have shaped the state.

The first episode of the Inside beast texas podcasts features the announcement of Scipio Tex as the new quarterback at Texas. It was previously announced that Ewers would commit to the Longhorns in 2020, but was recommitting to the longhorns. Horns247 managing editor Taylor Estes and columnist Chip Brown talk about the impact of this decision, and how it will impact the quarterback room in 2022. They also discuss the potential attrition in the quarterback position, as Ewers’ addition will force the Longhorns to play a new quarterback in spring practice.

The Big Ideas TXST podcast features the minds behind fascinating topics. From the pan-cultural phenomenon of exorcism to new religious movements, Big Ideas TXST has it all. Kim Rossmo, University Chair in Criminology at Texas State University and Director of the Center for Geospatial Intelligence and Investigation at the same university, discusses the intersection of crime and location with geographic profiling. While this may not seem like the most exciting topic to hear about, this show will give you a broader perspective on Texas.

Information About All Best Texas Podcasts

The Big Ideas TXST podcast features the fascinating minds of Texas society. This episode of Inside Texas is all about transforming the state’s library system. From new religious movements to the bizarre pandemic of COVID, the Big Ideas TXST show has it all. Whether you’re a historian, poet, or business professional, you’ll learn something new on the Inside Texas podcast. They’ll inspire you to think differently about your own city.

The Flagship Podcast is another excellent option for UT fans. It’s packed with all the latest news and information from the University of North Texas System. The hosts, Paul Corliss and Chip Brown, discuss all things Texas. The podcast also talks about Steve Sarkisian’s changes to the coaching staff, Quinn Ewers, and the quarterback room. The two hosts are hilarious, real, and honest and a great way to learn about the state of the university.

UNT’s WE ARE NORTH TEXAS podcast is produced by the University of North Texas System and focuses on the innovative nature of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The program features a variety of guests, including Sarah Fuller, a former Vanderbilt soccer player who helped the team win the SEC title last year. Now, she’s a graduate student at UNT and a Mean Green goalkeeper at UNT, and the two discuss her past and present.

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