The bee: the perfect creature of nature

March 18, 2023 0 Comments

Hollywood has never been known to produce factually correct movies, from historical events to the intricacies of animal interactions. jerry seinfeld bee movie is a case in point. In bee movie, Jerry Seinfeld plays a young bee, male of course, who wants a life beyond the hive. He joins the “pollen jocks”: the male bees who leave the hive to collect pollen, which the male and female bees in the hive, in their boring jobs, turn into honey.

Real life is quite different. Is he female the bees that leave the hive in search of pollen, the males that remain as drones to do the work of the hive. the plot of bee movie It could have been so much better if this little fact hadn’t been obscured, but that’s a topic for another article.

Let’s get back to the truth about bees. Bees produce honey, which has long been considered nature’s perfect food, and bee pollen products and honey-based products are becoming increasingly popular with today’s consumers.

bee pollen products

Bees (females) leave the hive to search for pollen from a variety of flowers. When they return, the worker (male) bees take the pollen and pack it into pellets, adding honey (also known as nectar), which is used as food by the hive. Humans harvest this bee pollen, also called bee bread or ragweed.

The interesting thing about bee pollen is that no two batches are the same. “Pollen jockettes” (if I can call them that) bring in pollen from many different sources, and this alters the composition of the pollen.

So what bee pollen products do humans make?

Bath and body products enriched with bee pollen are very popular today. They include products for hydration, exfoliation and even shampoo.

honey based products

Once again, honey has long been considered nature’s perfect food. In fact, people have been eating honey since practically the beginning of time, it’s even mentioned in the Bible.

Today, people consume honey as a seasoning on bread, in ice cream, or even on its own. It is also used as a sweetener in honey barbecue, and honey mustard is very popular.

All bees make honey, but only the honey produced by honey bees is edible for humans. Bees create honey by a process I won’t explain here (well, if you must know, they turn nectar (pollen) into honey by regurgitating it), but it is then stored in combs as part of their food supply.

Honey-based products include honey, of course, and even mead. Some of today’s beers also use it as a flavoring ingredient. It is also used to make scented candles.

why do we need bees

Many people find bees annoying and will kill them on sight, which is a shame because all bees perform an important service to humanity. Because they go from flower to flower collecting pollen, they also deposit pollen on these flowers, “pollinating” them, and ensuring that the flowers survive!

So treat the bees right!

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