The pros and cons of being a property manager

August 13, 2022 0 Comments

There are many good and bad sides to any job, and being fully aware of them from the start can’t be a bad thing. Starting an IT company requires its own unique skill set to deal with the situations you will find yourself in, so here are some good insights on how to break into the industry.

The professionals……

Being a top notch property manager requires you to consistently do your job and the mundane tasks that surround you. Your daily duties can range from coordinating repairmen to making sure your new client is included in your lawn maintenance schedule. Regardless of the level of service your agency offers, you’ll need to be organized to manage this long list of wide-ranging tasks, but that’s a unique aspect in itself. offers a wide spectrum of things to do.

It will definitely expose you to many different personality types. Most of the people you meet won’t be on your short list of friends or confidants, but they will expose you to new perspectives and mental approaches. This will broaden your own experience with people and increase your confidence in dealing with people.

Property management will also push you to expand your personal boundaries when it comes to learning. Some days, he’ll have time to consider marketing methods or other publicity his agency needs, while other days he’ll be knee-deep in paperwork and working with uncooperative tenants. The diversity of tasks and workload is what makes you stretch and grow in ways that can only be positive, as long as you keep a positive attitude.

The biggest positive is that you are developing knowledge and skills as a real estate investor. Of course, many successful real estate investors never managed a single property, but that doesn’t mean that management won’t show you a certain perspective on real estate investment that you might not otherwise have received.

The cons…..

The downside of property management is more or less similar to the downside of any other business or job. Very few property managers work less than full time, depending on the amount of money they plan to make monthly. While that’s true for just about every job or business out there, the demands of following your own schedules and to-do lists can be more taxing than a regular job.

The worst aspect is that you often deal with people who try to hide certain information from you. It’s their job to check their background and reveal anything that might be a material fact that might prohibit them from renting, and they know it. Working with evasive and deceitful people is exhausting and can be depressing, but pack it all into one day’s work and you’ll go far!

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