The truth about caller spoofing and caller spoofing

September 23, 2021 0 Comments

Caller spoofing is a great new way to protect your privacy and that of your family from all types of phone harassment. The caller spoofing service provides you with anonymity. This means that you will not have to reveal your real phone number every time you make a call. The call spoofing system uses a “dummy caller ID” of your choice that appears on the called party’s phone screen. In this way, the caller spoofing service disguises your phone’s identification while keeping your privacy.

The security of this service is ensured by the fact that caller spoofing uses VIOP technology. VOIP comes from Voice Over Internet Protocol and allows phone calls through an Internet connection. Therefore, VOIP caller spoofing simply transfers calls from the telephone operator to the Internet, using a private secure channel. This is why spoofing is so safe.

The caller spoofing system appeared in 2003 and was marketed to law enforcement and private investigators. Private investigators use spoofing calls for what is in their business as “pretext calls.” A pretext call is one in which investigators request information over the phone under a sneaky pretext. We are well aware that caller spoofing helped the investigator solve many cases.

Today this service is available to everyone. Caller identity spoofing and spoofing have created a lot of controversy as to how legal these services are. It is true that some could use call spoofing to make jokes and jokes to their friends and in this way install a kind of harassment on them. But this kind of rally is harmless, and critics of the caller spoofing service are pulled into admitting that this is the only way someone could protect their real phone number, and with it, their privacy.

At the end of this article, I will put my opinion here: Caller spoofing and spoofing are necessary and should be used as they can offer great privacy protection. And if you don’t need it, don’t use the caller spoofing service!

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