Top 10 Cryptocurrency Press Release Distribution Services

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Press Release Distribution Services

Whether you are working for a crypto company or a blockchain project, you’ll want to take advantage of Top 10 Cryptocurrency Press Release Distribution services. The right press release distribution service can help your company get the word out about your ICO or project, increase the number of followers and investors, and generate high-quality press coverage. Here are the top 10 crypto press release distribution services. All of these companies have impressive client lists, which means you can be sure that they will deliver your press release to the right audience.

Coin Traffic is a leading advertising network that provides a wide range of marketing services, including ICO press release distribution. They promise to deliver a first draft of your press release within 24 hours, and a full-scale PR crusade in five days. Cision is another full-service PR platform that focuses on finding the right influencers in the cryptosphere, distributing impactful stories, and measuring their impact. With a huge customer list, Cision’s service is among the best on the market.

Crypto press release distribution

Press releases can be sent to various media outlets and publications, allowing your crypto project to be published on a variety of news platforms. Coin traffic, for instance, distributes press releases to news websites and top-tier media outlets. It’s especially important for ICOs because many influential individuals and investors are interested in the latest news and trends in the crypto space. This is the perfect place to distribute your press release.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Press Release Distribution Services

eReleases is another option. The platform offers worldwide distribution and customization options. The service allows users to insert pictures, videos, and company logos. Additionally, you’ll be provided with WireWatch reports that identify the top media outlets for your press release. These reports help you determine which press release distribution services will provide the best coverage for your crypto-related project. However, eReleases is not the best choice for crypto-related companies as it doesn’t include industry targeting or writing assistance.

If you’re unsure how to get the word out about your crypto project, consider hiring a media-focused cryptocurrency PR company. MarketAcross specializes in storytelling and public relations for crypto-related projects. It has relationships with journalists, webmasters, and even editors of small blogs. Some of the companies it’s helped include NEO, Simplex, and BitTorrent. In addition, there’s Foxtail Marketing, which focuses on the marketing needs of crypto companies.

Forbes is another top-rated cryptocurrency press release distribution service. It covers a wide variety of news articles, including blockchain technology, crypto-assets, and fintech. Additionally, if you’re interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, you can visit Visionary Financial to learn more. These two publications are focused on the financial craze. These publications also provide educational articles about the world of crypto-assets.

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