Treasure hunt: education and entertainment

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For the sake of creativity in teaching, use something old and keep it new. Scavenger hunts are a great way to teach. Your students will not only be able to learn something new, but they will enjoy the time doing it. During the years of teaching, he looked for alternative ways to teach valuable lessons. Some were not so fun but essential. When the opportunity presented itself that the lesson could be fun, I made the most of the opportunity. Although, you may be looking for entertainment. If so, a scavenger hunt is a great way to go, whether your guests are young or old who enjoy an adventure. Setting up a theme is easy.


– supporting ideas

– conclusion

The last party I attended was at Christmas and we made hard candy. I’ve been reminded for years that this isn’t about getting together and making memories that last a lifetime, what is it about? I have not had a better hostess than my one and only friend who made every party one to remember. From the birthday party playing twister and disco for the 21st, to the size and costume contest for Halloween. These are treasured memories.

Scavenger hunts to use with education, businesses and children

The benefits of treasure hunting are

– great for building relationships,

– active way of knowing a subject,

– city, resort or backyard.

A theme from science, math, history is used in all sorts of settings.

great way to

– develop skills,

– Problem resolution,

– creativity,

– time management,

– prioritize

– Decision making.

– teamwork

– motivation.

Treasure hunts are used

1. on the Internet,

2. while traveling in other counties,

3. in a car,

4. school contests,

5. parts,

6. corporate use,

7. gold with movies.

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