Understand your content through Facebook video statistics

September 15, 2021 0 Comments

A large number of videos are viewed on Facebook every day. And now that Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes video over other types of posts, you’ve probably included video in your Facebook paid advertising strategy as well.

Like any other content on that site, yours is competing for the attention of your target audience. This means that while your videos get views, they may not hold your audience’s interest for long. Worse yet, it won’t lead to your end-goal conversions.

Fortunately, Facebook has a feature to measure how long your audience watches your videos, and something else. By understanding all of these tools, Facebook allows you to work around what your audience finds interesting. It can help you develop better strategies for video marketing.

Audience retention

This feature shows the retention of your video over time. That includes:

• the average duration of the view

• total views for the first 28 days since it was uploaded, and

• the number of users who viewed your video to completion or for 30 seconds.

Audience retention is useful for knowing how much time people are spending watching your videos. For example, you may find that in ten seconds, your audience’s views dropped by 40 percent. With this information in mind, you can create shorter content to keep your audience intrigued by what you offer.

If in the middle of your video you find that there was a big drop in views, try to find what people didn’t find attractive and work on it.

Facebook will add new and even more useful features for measuring audience retention. They are not currently available yet, but we are summarizing how content creation can benefit.

Followers vs. No followers

This metric segregates viewers who are followers and non-followers of a page. This can help provide insight into who can reach your content and the type of audience you want your page to attract.

Zoom graph

Zoom Chart helps you manage your data more accurately by allowing you to take a closer look at your stats to see which moments in your video are more engaging than the rest. This can help you create more content that focuses on something that your audience finds attractive.

Audience demographics

This metric helps you measure your audience retention by gender. In other words, you will be able to see if male or female viewers have a longer video retention.

While creating content isn’t always easy, measuring what your audience finds interesting can help. In the golden age of video, it can seem like your ad campaign might be struggling to stay relevant. By understanding what your customers want, you can find more ways to create engaging videos.

Whether you are hiring a company to help you with your Facebook paid advertising videos or you create them yourself, it helps to know how to use these features to measure the impact of your videos on Facebook.

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