Why did Jay Cutler win Mr Olympia 2009?

July 6, 2021 0 Comments

Most of the bodybuilding community had doubts that Jay Cutler would win the Mr. Olympia title again this year, as he lost it to Dexter Jackson during the 2008 Contest.

After all, no one in history lost the ultimate bodybuilding crown only to claim it later. Ronnie Coleman tried to do that feat recently, but failed.

Jay Cutler is considered by many fans to lack the genetics to win multiple Sandow titles due to his supposedly blocky structure. His waist is wider than that of most bodybuilders and his abdominal muscles do not have the symmetry that many do.

During the preparations for the 2009 Olympia, Jay Cutler promised to bring a completely new package that would undoubtedly be the best yet. The 2009 competitors were full of talent. This was considered by many experts to be the strongest lineup to ever appear on the Olympia stage. The 2009 competition heated up months before the day of the competition.

With reigning champion Dexter Jackson always in tip-top shape, and new entries like Kai Greene and fan favorite Phil Heath and the resurgence of Dominican dominator Victor Martinez, everyone seemed to forget about Jay Cutler.

During the Olympia press conference, everyone noticed Jay’s sunken face and new haircut. It was almost as if he scared the competitors with his very low body fat percentage. He was covered all over to hide his true physique.

Come judge, Jay wowed the judges, crowds, and bodybuilding writers. It looked great and was ridged all over. His traps and generally soft biceps were dry and wiry.

His conditioning was incredible and he displayed a vascularity never seen before in a Jay Cutler. As soon as it came out, game over. The scores reflected complete and total dominance by second-place Branch Warren and third-place former champion Dexter Jackson.

Saturday night was the same. With his conditioning just dropping, Jay was back in first place on the bodybuilding judges’ scorecards. History was made. Jay Cutler was the first man to lose and claimed the top prize in bodybuilding, the 2009 Mr. Olympia title and the next Sandow trophy.

Although slightly smaller, its size still dominated the competition. Combined with his much improved conditioning, he was untouchable that night. Regarding the other bodybuilders, they just couldn’t get close. As the judges later reflected on their score cards.

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