10 innovative ideas for your next manicure

June 8, 2021 0 Comments

A manicure can be more than just nail trimming and choosing a new color. You can reflect a seasonal style, show off a specific design, or use contrasting colors to add an extravagant touch to the look. Here are ten fun tips to use on your next trip to the nail salon.

1) Add a little shine

Without being over the top, the silver or gold glitter can make your nails pop. It is also a versatile style. The glitter can cover the entire nail or just cover the outer edge to bring out a more conservative color.

2) mirror nails

Mirror nails use a reflective service to catch the light and attention of everyone in the room. Wear them with a dark background, like a black dress, to stand out.

3) Mix and match colors and finishes

Don’t be afraid to experiment with both colors and finishes on the same finger. For example, a gold band with a glossy finish alongside a matte brown base can look eye-catching.

4) polka dot madness

Polka dots are a fun and flexible design. The dots themselves can be multi-colored or single-colored. Rainbow dots against a black base match anything. Points can be of any size, depending on how daring the customer wants to be.

5) Add a hand massage

A manicure can be more than a style upgrade. Try a hand massage the next time you’re in the salon. Studies show that a hand massage relaxes the muscles and the mind. Plus, they feel good and the massage lotion will revitalize your hands and skin.

6) Irregular patterns

Not all patterns have to be predictable. A popular way to mix things up is to invert the color selection on one finger, like a white lacquer with a red border, except for one finger that is all red. It’s a creative way to stand out and let the secondary color take center stage for a moment.

7) Tips in French

A French tip usually starts with longer, blocky nails. Then the emerging part of the nail can contrast with the rest of the nail. Don’t be afraid to throw a swirl or zigzag design at the tips to take advantage of this trend.

8) Try a gel manicure

Acrylic nails have been around for years, but gels are on the rise. Start with a natural color to see if they match your preferred aesthetic, and they’ll get bolder and bolder next time.

9) The ruffian

This style paints near the nail bed and frames the primary color. Wear a darker color along the edge of the nail and fill in the rest with a lighter shade for an easy, mature look.

10) Get a surprise!

Depending on the nail salon, a client may let the manicurist choose the design for a surprise. They often have a large reserve of colors and patterns to draw with. A few suggestions can help guide style preference for those who are nervous about complete surprises.

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