A Guide to Tarot Cards

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Tarot = 78 cards with Major and Minor Arcana, with universal meanings

Oracle = any number of cards with individual meanings

Querant = the person for whom the reading is performed

Court Card = Page, Knight, Queen, King

Significador = Card that represents the Querant

Archetype = Symbolic figures that are universally recognized and understood across societies, cultures, religions, mythologies, and popular cultures.

Dignity = The way the cards are faced, Worthy in front of the reader, Unworthy with his back to the reader.

minor arcana 56 cards

These represent the more tangible and mundane aspects and occurrences of the querent’s life, along with your responses to them, eg, incidents, events, experiences, people in the querent’s life, and the environment.

4 Minor Arcana Suits (similar to ordinary playing cards with the addition of an extra short card).

o Wands (Rods, Sticks)
or Cups
or Swords
o Pentacles (Coins, Discs)

Suit Life Experience Zodiac Sign Element Gender

Leo, Aries, Sagittarius Fire Man Career Wands

Cups Emotions Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio Water Feminine

Intellect Swords Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Air Masculine

Pentacles Material Aspects Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo Earth Feminine

Court Cards (Arcana) often represent people, either the Querant or people they interact with, however Pages and Knights can represent change and the consequence of chance, respectively.

Major Arcana = 22 cards

These represent the fundamental principles and experiences of human life, that is, spirituality, theories about life and death, ethical dilemmas and judgments, personal morality, interactions with others and the environment. It could also be said that it represents the inner journey of the self; where spiritual progress and development can be tracked and mapped.
The Major Arcana are considered the most important cards in the deck, representing the fundamental precepts and motivations in the life of a questioner. The images on the lore cards represent archetypes.

Some things to keep in mind when starting a reading.

or Images
o Pairs, Triples, etc.
o Position of the cards
o Relationship of cards to each other
or Related to the question
o Use of intuition
o Convey information positively
o If you are not sure what it means, say so

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