Healthy foods, which may not be so healthy

November 25, 2021 0 Comments

When it comes to weight loss, a one-size-fits-all diet plan doesn’t pay off. This is much more important considering that although some may be fine and healthy, on the other hand they can be harmful for several people.

However, you will find many people who assume that since a food is considered “healthy” and “good”, it suggests that they are totally free to eat as much as they want without any consequences.

The discussion about what food is good or not will possibly continue to be endless. There seem to be many divisive beliefs that crop up from time to time. Having said that, there are particular things that almost everyone accepts are not ideal when looking to lose weight and lead a healthy life.

Exactly how bad a particular food can be thought of is really debatable considering that any food can be eaten in moderation without having any negative effect on the individual.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the general quality and effects of some of the food products that you are eating as much as you want at the moment, while you may be reasoning that they would not have any influence on your weight loss efforts.

It is quite surprising to note that many people eat so many highly processed foods thinking that they are really nutritious for them.

Here are a number of common foods that men and women eat with confidence that they are eating healthy foods.

Salad dressings

While the salad alone is known as a way to consume a healthy and balanced food, the dressing applied can nonetheless make it totally “harmful”. Many of the regular salad dressings contain a large amount of sugar and mainly vegetable oils, such as canola or soybean oil, are used. These types of toppings easily help make salad just as unhealthy as other foods the person might be avoiding.

Alternatively, you can dress your salads with olive oil or vinegar. You can also look for several much healthier salad dressings that don’t have added preservatives, vegetable oils, or sweeteners.

Conventional soy

All soy contains large amounts of phytoestrogens that many experts discuss as healthy or unhealthy. At the same time, most of the conventional soy is genetically enhanced and therefore raises many questions about wellness and safety. Try to keep your soy intake to a minimum and also opt for the organic and whole food variants.


Most classic yogurts tend to be packed with lots of artificial sweeteners and / or sugar. Homemade yogurt or those you can get from fresh milk from a local ranch are usually very nutritious. Use Greek yogurt or get a very good quality organic plain yogurt and then include your own preferred ingredients.

Wholemeal bread

Thinking about it, wheat is not really such a healthy food. Therefore, including the “all” will not make it essentially better. Many of these types of foods include additional amounts of sugar, oils, and other unnatural ingredients as well. However, you can minimize the amount of gluten or wheat you consume in your diet.

Diet drinks

This is another very controversial topic, as several people claim that the synthetic sweeteners they possess are usually worse compared to sugar. On the other hand, there is some data suggesting that they have an indirect impact on weight addition. Drinking them in moderation is fine, but remember that they will replace several much better beverage options, such as coffee, tea, or even plain water. So think twice.

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