Spare tips for renting in Leeds

May 13, 2023 0 Comments

“To rent a room, you have to consider several issues before renting. Firstly, the move-in time, can it meet the requirements of your UK student life, even if this rent is VERY cheap, for example, you need to move in in mid-September and the other party can only provide you with access in October, unless you are ready to live in a hotel in the middle, otherwise it is better to choose Leeds student accommodation┬ásomething else that suits you!

The second point is about rent, this is a question that international students in the UK must ask more about, because different landlords give different definitions of rent, some of them purely refer to the cost of renting out the room, and the cost of utilities and internet generated inside will need to be borne by the students themselves.

Spare tips for renting in Leeds

In addition, according to the government’s regulations, you also need to bear the council tax, but for students, the tax can be reduced, and the school needs to provide the corresponding certificate, but the tax-free period is until the end of your study in the UK, not this certificate can be tax-free for life.

If the heating is not working properly student accommodation in Leeds, then buying a separate electric heater will not only incur costs, but will also be a hassle to carry around.

In addition to this, toilets and kitchens are also a priority to check, are the taps leaking etc? Once you have signed a lease to move in and start living in the property, the landlord will ask you to pay for any damage found again.”

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