The war of the consoles

June 30, 2021 0 Comments

One of the most important hobbies in the world is games. There are many forms of gaming in the world, from cards to game consoles. For most people, gaming means playing video games on a specially designed game console or PC. So that’s the issue.

According to Wikipedia, we are in the seventh generation of consoles and there are 3 main competitors: Microsoft’s minimalist Xbox 360, Nintendo’s small white motion-controlled cube, the Wii, and Sony’s great black powerhouse, the PlayStation 3. While the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 thrive on gaming. They have very high-quality graphics, the Wii is all about fun, games can be played over and over again, and creating a Mii avatar is a pretty cool feature. However, there is a downside, the games are not for hardcore gamers who want to blow things up with a wide range of powerful weapons or for those who want to throw exotic cars into exotic trees at exotic speeds. The graphics of the Wii are comparable to the PlayStation 2, so they are not good for a game that needs a high level of detail and with an 800MHz processor cannot handle the graphics of the other two consoles. He’s nifty though, and he has the motion control that when drunk can be credited by a few YouTube videos. What I don’t like is that because it is a “universal remote control”, I assumed that it would not be necessary to modify it to turn it into a pistol, a steering wheel, a golf club, etc. The Wiimote has an accessory for each type of game available on the Wii that is simply expensive to buy all of them. Backward compatibility works from what I’ve heard, all connections are present for memory cards, controllers, and discs for the Nintendo Game Cube, but unfortunately there is no space or slot to play a Game Boy game on your TV. again, which is a shame. The memory can be expanded to create more data and Mii avatars, the controller vibrates, has sound and is sensitive to movement unlike its competitors, it is as reliable as a wood stove and best of all its very low price and inexpensive games make it a good option for players who just want a little fun once in a while and don’t have pockets full of gold. The Wii only comes in one color so far in the UK, which is a shame because black looks somewhat better than its sad white counterpart that we have to buy from our stores.

Moving on, we have the Xbox 360, aimed more at a mid-range of gamers, it has lots of explosive bangy bangy games, some puzzle-o-rama, and a game or two that younger gamers may appreciate. However, its appearance is a bit bland. It doesn’t have a shiny exterior like the Wii and PlayStation 3, and is therefore similar in appearance to a toaster with a large power button. It has a huge catalog of games available as it has been around for some time and the graphics are reaching the best on Xbox so the games are looking great right now. Unfortunately, the backward compatibility is not great, most of the older Xbox games don’t seem to work well, if at all, regardless of whether they are played in the Elite or Premium packages. It’s a shame because there were some Xbox exclusive games that would be good to play on 360, including Half-life 2, Psychonauts, and Project Gotham racing. I’m not really sure if those games work or not, but I’m hesitant to give it a try because I don’t have an Xbox 360 to test it and also the 360 ​​tends to be temperamental about whether it works or not, and someone who has the balls to play a title. from Xbox or 360 on it you may have to send it to a repair shop because it explodes in a big red LED sky ring. Yes, the 360 ​​has proven to be unreliable and I am led to believe that the 360’s failure rate has been a whopping 65%, which by anyone’s standards is very high. Also, because there are no Blu-ray discs (yet), the games are filled with high-quality graphics and there is little space left for movies, stories, or other things that are quite essential for a game. It has some older technology, more so than the games in DVD format. An eject disc tray that’s easy to fit, no rechargeable batteries unless purchased separately, no HDMI support in the now-obsolete Core package, wireless controllers eat up your batteries like the last day of battery sales from January, it’s as loud as an 18 Wheeler in a little tunnel and breaks down if it gets the slightest hint that it wants to be used. More than that, the players are mostly idiots who abuse anyone who dares to be better than them. I admire the 360, it’s a good console, lots of games, good controllers, although it’s a bit awkward to get used to and Microsoft promises to make your broken ass 360 work like new, or just work, in a few days for free. of charge.

Now we move on to the PlayStation 3. Sony’s third installment of its incredible game console. Unfortunately the PS3 is off to a very poor start with its £ 425 price tag and limited number of games – it’s considered a poor choice when the 360 ​​has all the best newest games. However, I own this big black colossus and found it fantastic. We only get the 60 and 40GB models in black in the UK, but that doesn’t matter when the console just works the way you want it, when you want it. It was actually less expensive and more efficient than the Xbox 360 when it was new because it was not necessary to buy all the devices to play HD-DVD and have wireless connectivity. The PS3 has everything under one roof, even if it is quite large. He has motion sensitive controllers, but they haven’t been put to much use yet other than flying and balancing a guy on a log. The graphics are still not the best that the PS3 can produce, as its inner workings involve some kind of witchcraft that the developers are not yet aware of. Also where the Wii falls short on graphics, the PS3 has the good graphics and where the Xbox 360 falls short on disk space, the PS3 makes up for it with the long-awaited arrival of Blu-ray. These can hold up to 50GB on a dual-layer disk and a possible 200GB disk is in the prototype stage. With this huge disk space, graphics don’t have to take up 7-eighths of the disk and games can be played for hours on end in the same story with good graphics, good gameplay, and a ton of other features that keep gamers happy for long. longer than before.

When mentioning gamers, hardcore gamers will be the only people who will buy this console. There aren’t many hugely attractive games for the PS3 yet, so it’s selling with future potential, including being the best blu-ray player on the market, the promise of GT5, MGS4, GTA4, and interestingly Little Big Planet. Creating “Home” is also a great help for the console. Another player can view your achievements and the games you have in a fully 3D environment instead of looking at a screen full of text and numbers. It’s quite a similar feature to the Habbo Hotel, but in 3D mode with a wide selection of features available such as clothing, houses, designs, and furniture. Sticking with the Dual Shock type controller was a good idea for the PS3 rather than the hideous boomerang look … which was shipped with the first PS3 images. Unfortunately, with the addition of bluetooth wireless controllers, mini / micro USB support, and motion sensitivity, the vibration functions have been removed. So it is no longer a double shock controller, it is now a SIXAXIS controller that weighs less than double shock, doesn’t have to be pointed at the console to function, and has the longest wireless range. Lastly, there is the XMB or Cross Memory Bar, which is identical enough to the PSP that PSP owners feel right at home with it, with the ability to use the PSP as a controller that they will also like.

My personal favorite is the PS3, with the Wii in second place and the 360 ​​in last place. I’m by no means a fan, I know that in certain respects the 360 ​​and Wii have the PS3 wrecked, but I know that Sony wouldn’t release a game console that doesn’t have a trick up its sleeve. Looking at the current situation and the rumors about a Blu-ray 360 drive or a new console and the Wii craze, I think the PS3 is about to have its day, just like the PS2 did in the days of yore.

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