Time-tested tips for a fantastic first birthday party

May 23, 2019 0 Comments

Before you know it, your little baby will be one year old and well on his way to childhood. Many moms (and dads alike) get stressed out about throwing a first birthday party. Since it is such a momentous occasion, there is a lot of pressure to make everything perfect. However, sometimes it is better to keep things simple and enjoyable for yourself and everyone else.

For a first birthday, simple is the name of the game. Save 30-person parties at Chuck-E-Cheese for future birthdays. A few close friends and family members and a house party are all a one-year-old needs to enjoy his special day.

Begin your planning by making the guest list. In addition to yourself and your spouse, you should include other people who are particularly important in your child’s life. Of course, grandparents and other caregivers should be invited. Beyond that, it is up to you how many people you want to include.

You can decide to limit it to a handful of people or include a few special friends. Because everyone will want to hug and see the child during the birthday party, keeping things small will allow your child to see everyone without feeling too overwhelmed. Another added benefit of keeping it small is that there is less food to prepare and fewer people to entertain.

The next thing to decide is your theme. For a first birthday party, most people like to keep things simple. You can go for a blue if your child is a boy and a pink if your child is a girl, and easily get cheap party supplies. Your child’s birthday doesn’t have to be an announcement for a character they will barely recognize. Colored paper plates, napkins, and cups are also much cheaper than the commercial variety!

When you celebrate your child’s first birthday party is very important. Most one-year-olds nap twice a day. Plan your party between these two moments. Unless your child has an unusual schedule, sometime around lunch should work just fine.

Serve food your one-year-old likes and then serve adult versions for everyone else. For example, make fruit kabobs for party guests and then serve your child chunks of fruit. You can serve a sandwich tray with muffins for guests and give your child bits of different types of food.

Finally, your child’s first birthday wouldn’t be complete without the birthday cake. If you want to get some great photos of your child digging into the cake, consider baking a smaller, low-sugar cake for them and then having a cake for the guests. This way, your child can have a relatively healthy snack, without leaving fingerprints on others’ dessert. You can buy a sheet cake at your local bakery or make one yourself the day before the party.

By keeping things simple, you will be able to give your child a first birthday party that is enjoyable for you and everyone involved.

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