which of the following is not a disability law brainly

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disability law brainly

Which of the following is not a disability law? The term disability refers to a person’s impairment and is used when describing a physical or mental condition that prevents the person from working or participating in certain activities. It includes both social and environmental barriers and can be used in a legal context. A person is considered a handicap if the environment is inaccessible to him or her. For example, stairs can be a handicap if he is in a wheelchair. Another example is if a person’s brain is injured and they cannot perform their usual tasks.

The ADA has strict requirements that employers must adhere to. If a company is not complying with Title I, it is prohibited to hire an individual with a disability discrimination based on their background, skills, or any other protected characteristic. Employers must provide accommodations to ensure that the disabled employee is not discriminated against and that they are afforded the opportunity to apply for the job. In addition, Title II also requires that public transportation systems provide access for people with disabilities.

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Nevertheless, the ADA does increase costs associated with hiring and employing disabled individuals. Although its equal-pay provision is intended to increase disabled wage levels, it also prevents companies from terminating disabled employees. The ADA also increases the cost of accommodation for the disabled, and this could lower employment for the disabled. If these costs are eliminated, employment of disabled workers will be increased. So, in a nutshell, a broader ADA could increase the cost of hiring and firing disabled workers, which is not the best outcome.

which of the following is not a disability law brainly

States Parties to the ADA must take appropriate measures to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. These measures include the provision of adequate education and assistance, including sign languages. The law also requires States Parties to provide age and gender-sensitive assistance, as well as exploitation and abuse-prevention education. The disability law must protect people with disabilities against unlawful assaults, harassment, and exploitation, including ill-treatment.

The ADA applies to all businesses with fifteen or more employees. It prohibits discrimination based on disability and requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for known limitations. The ADA requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees and applicants. This law covers federal employees and federal contractors. The ADA protects people with disabilities in many areas, including employment, but does not fully protect job opportunities. It also protects those with disabilities in their personal relationships.

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