Will you be installing a hardwood floor in your new home?

September 26, 2022 0 Comments

Anyone who has gone through the process of building a house or renovating the floor of one knows that they soon realize that there are numerous decisions ahead. Even after the choice of hardwood floors has been made, there are still plenty of options to explore.

Will it be a solid wood floor? And, if so, which of the many hardwood varieties will best suit your personal preferences and the style and d├ęcor of your home? The way the wood has been milled makes a significant difference in the final appearance, so that is another decision to consider. Then there is the matter of stain and finish. And the list goes on.

Without getting too specific, there are a few things you probably need to consider.

First, are you committed to solid wood planks or have you considered engineered wood? Still real wood, engineered wood flooring is created by taking two or more thin layers of wood and pressing them together. By arranging the layers so that the grains run in different directions, the tendency of new wood to warp due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity is avoided. This also allows for subfloor installations and even gives you the option of hardwood floors in the basement.

Solid wood doesn’t have to mean a segment of forest was cut down just for your floor. As we become more aware of the environment and the consequences of losing our hardwood forests, this is becoming an issue that many homeowners are paying attention to. It has been discovered that there is an abundant supply of existing wood in old houses, cabins and barns. Harvesting this is now a driving industry. Weathered for decades by sun, wind and rain, this wood is extremely durable and has a unique character that cannot be found in freshly sawn lumber.

Of course, you will have to choose from the many species of hardwoods. There are several varieties of oak that are popular, as well as hickory, cherry, maple, pine, walnut, ash, and the list goes on. While you always have the option of not staining and installing in its natural state, there are numerous shades of stain that will create a different look.

The appearance of your flooring in your home also depends on how it was cut. Basically, there are three basic cuts that are used with logs intended to be made into floors. These are quartersawn, flatsawn and sawn. Each has pros and cons and each will give a completely different look when installed. It will be worth sitting down with your contractor or designer to explain these differences. Also, make sure you see a large enough sample of each so you know what it will look like on the entire floor and not just on a sample card.

While not meant to be exhaustive, this will hopefully give you a starting point for your new floor. A solid hardwood floor can outlast you and your children, so taking the time to get exactly what you want will pay off for years to come.

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