Paralegal’s Corner: I Really Love (Mainly) My Job

June 30, 2021 0 Comments

Paralegals are notoriously stressed, and sometimes we focus too much on the negative things that come up every day, and the negative things happen. each day. On the other hand, most of us absolutely love what we do and have no desire to do anything more professionally.

The main reasons (in no particular order) why I love my job are:

Mastery of multitasking

Multitasking is a skill that every assistant must master, whether they like it or not. I usually prefer to focus on just one task, complete it, and then move on to the next … but being a paralegal rarely allows that to happen. Some days when I am forced to multitask my brain will rebel and lash out in frustration with whoever is listening, but most days I feel quite proud that I was able to shift gears with the ease and smoothness of a racing driver. the freeway during rush hour.

Organize sorcery

I tend to fall on the OCD side of the scale, which is why I am extremely pleased when I can organize all the chaos of a client’s file into a system that will make sense to anyone who touches it from then on. It’s like I can anticipate how it will be used in the future … which is because I can. * maniacal laugh *

Resounding ingenuity

When lawyers are faced with doing something out of the ordinary, it often falls to our heap of things to do. Sometimes there is no simple way to complete a task and we have to figure out the mechanics to get the desired end result. Because we are constantly faced with new questions that U.S You must answer, we are forced to tap into our creative superpowers to get the job done, son. And always, ultimately, we do. That. Happen.

Cerebrally challenging

It sounds clich√©, but I Live to stimulate my brain. Learning new things, conquering challenges, and completing mountains of tasks that would immediately overwhelm the faint of heart keep me energized and enthusiastic to go to work every day. I rarely know what each professional day holds, what keeps things intriguing. I am baffled by those of you who like to have jobs doing the same tasks day after day. Honestly, I would get really bored. No, thanks. I’ll take what’s behind door number one, please.

Client closure

No proper list would be complete without this. Helping people is the main reason why those of us who work in the service industry decided to do it, right? While that exists, it is actually deeper. In the legal world, we constantly interact with clients who are going through some of the worst experiences of their lives. They are scared, anxious and in dire need of our services in order to move on to the next phase of their lives. There is no better feeling than when we close a client’s case and are filled with pure, unadulterated gratitude. Obtaining closure for a client is one of the most rewarding things we do, both for the client Y for us.

So at the end of the day, I’m basically exhausted and equally excited, as any job worth its salt should be. It’s hard being a superhero, but it’s also incredibly rewarding … and someone’s I have to do it.

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